SIV Sips - Coffee & Conversation with Veterans & Refugees

SIV Sips is an initiative from Veterans for American Ideals, in collaboration with Starbucks, with the goal of gathering military veterans, refugees and Special Immigrant Visa recipients (interpreters and translators who helped U.S. troops in Iraq or Afghanistan) for coffee, conversation, and personal and professional development. Attendees sip coffee, build their networks, and share the challenges and victories of life in the U.S. All are welcome at these community events.  

VFAI leaders are currently working with Starbucks partners in 8 U.S. cities (Atlanta, Houston, New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Seattle, Washington, DC) to plan and execute SIV Sips. Stay up to date on our upcoming SIV Sips by visiting our Facebook page at

If you want to bring SIV Sips to your community and it is not one of the 8 cities listed, please contact