We raised our right hands and pledged to support and defend the Constitution. That commitment does not stop.


Veterans for American Ideals is a nonpartisan group of veterans who share the belief that America is strongest when its policies and actions match its ideals.

We dedicated our lives to our country as citizen-soldiers, and we believe that honor, courage, commitment, duty, and country are not just words, but values worth defending. After taking off the uniform, we seek to continue serving our country by advocating for policies that are consistent with the ideals that motivated us to serve in the first place. Our current campaigns are focused on saving the Special Immigrant Visa program for interpreters and translators who served with the U.S. military, protecting refugees, and countering Islamophobia.


Most Americans have never met a refugee, much less had a personal connection with one. But many veterans' lives are intertwined with those of refugees in profound and deeply personal ways. These are some of their stories.

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Leader Spotlight: Andrea N. Goldstein

Our Leader Spotlights offer a glimpse into our diverse leaders: veterans who are continuing to serve their country and community in creative ways. Today, we profiled VFAI leader Andrea N. Goldstein, United States Navy veteran and Chief Executive Officer at Service to School. Fun fact: Andrea is also the co-host of a fabulous podcast, "2 Vets Upstate." Check it out here!

1.     Tell me about your military service. (What branch? When and where did you serve? Why did you join the military?)



Human Rights First
Letter | September 19, 2018
September 19, 2018   Dear Members of Congress, We represent more than two hundred thousand veterans from every branch of the United States military and every American conflict since Vietnam.
Human Rights First
Factsheet | September 19, 2018
The Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program 2009-2018  What is the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program?  Download
Human Rights First
Factsheet | September 19, 2018
U.S.-Affiliated Iraqis and the Iraqi Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Program
Human Rights First
Factsheet | October 13, 2017
Bipartisan Support for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program
Human Rights First
Factsheet | July 18, 2017
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Human Rights First
Report | May 31, 2017
Brothers and Sisters in Arms As veterans, we served with and often depended on interpreters, translators, and other local allies to carry out missions in Afghanistan. Many of these individuals’ lives are now in danger as a result of their service. 


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