We raised our right hands and pledged to support and defend the Constitution. That commitment does not stop.


Veterans for American Ideals is a nonpartisan group of veterans who share the belief that America is strongest when its policies and actions match its ideals.

We dedicated our lives to our country as citizen-soldiers, and we believe that honor, courage, commitment, duty, and country are not just words, but values worth defending. After taking off the uniform, we seek to continue serving our country by advocating for policies that are consistent with the ideals that motivated us to serve in the first place. Our current campaigns are focused on saving the Special Immigrant Visa program for interpreters and translators who served with the U.S. military, protecting refugees, and countering Islamophobia.

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Leader Spotlight: Ibrahim Hashi

"I see having served and being a veteran as a privilege. And with privilege comes responsibility. It is my responsibility to speak up and defend American values whenever they come under threat," says Ibrahim Hashi, a U.S. Marine veteran and the son of immigrants from Somalia.




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  • Hold the Line
    Blog | August 16, 2017 |

    By Scott Cooper


    “That’s not how a Marine behaves!”

    My sergeant major was admonishing a young lance corporal. I don’t even remember what the lance corporal did, it was so long ago. But it stuck with me because the sergeant...

  • Leader Spotlight: Lance Sellon
    Blog | August 13, 2017 |

    Veterans for American Ideals is recognizing veteran leaders who are continuing their service by building unity and standing up for American values. Through a series of interviews, we’re asking VFAI leaders to share more about how their...

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    In a Reuters video highlighting the restaurant Falafel Inc., we learn about how its owners and employees are dedicated to...