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News from the Week of May 13th

Ramadan began this week and 1.8 billion people in the world are observing, fasting from sunup to sundown each day for the next month. Not Muslim but hoping to be considerate of your observant friends, neighbors, or colleagues? Check out this helpful etiquette guide—you might learn something new. And Ramadan Mubarak to all celebrating!

Press Statement: "29 for 29 Ramadan Initiative" Launch

Vets for American Ideals and MuslimMarine Launch Project Commemorating Ramadan Featuring Veterans, American Muslim Families

What Service Means To Me

What Service Means to Me: An Evening of Stories from Veterans, Refugees, and Service Year Alumni

Tuesday, September 11th from 6-9 p.m.; Location TBD in Washington, DC

Service can be an extraordinary, transformative experience that enriches your life and your community. It can take countless forms: education, the environment, disaster relief, healthcare, military, and many more. Anyone can serve – and everyone has a story.

News from the Week of May 6th

The administration must resettle at least 3,750 refugees each month to meet the historically low goal of admitting 45,000 refugees for Fiscal Year 2018. On Wednesday, Refugee Council USA released their April report card tracking refugee arrivals. It revealed that only 1,639 refugees arrived last month. The United States must do far more to remain committed to the safety of the world’s most vulnerable.

News from the Week of April 29th

CNN spent a year interviewing more than one hundred American Muslims, asking who they think are the most influential members of their faith in their fields. Check out the list, which includes Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Congressman Keith Ellison, to Imam Suhaib Webb, known as the “Snapchat imam.”

Citizens First: VFAI Leader Convening

By Scott Cooper

Last week, 75 Vets for American Ideals leaders—veterans and wartime allies from Iraq and Afghanistan—gathered in Washington, D.C. for our third VFAI Leader Convening.

News from the Week of April 21st

This week, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a report revealing that the Muslim Ban increased violence and anti-Muslim discrimination across the United States. The CAIR report recorded 464 incidents pertaining to the ban and highlighted that hate crimes against Muslims rose 15 percent last year. “Like any person in America, irrespective of religion or race, American Muslims deserve to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect.”

News from the Week of April 15th

This Monday, David Miliband—president of the International Rescue Committee—reminded us that the United States continues to retreat from the principles that have long made our country a global beacon. Miliband cautioned that if current refugee resettlement trends continue, the United States may have no resettlement program at the end of this administration.

News from the Week of April 8th

Earlier this week the UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syrian Crisis, Panos Moumtzis, expressed his deep concern about the displacement of close to seven hundred thousand Syrians since the beginning of 2018.

Dinner and Dialogue at ADAMS

by Fiona Tomlin

In February when we launched our “SIV Sips” at Starbucks locations around the country, our idea was simple: Let’s bring veterans and refugees together for coffee and conversation. These neighborly gatherings are bringing a range of follow-on opportunities for deeper dialogue and community building, and we’ve met some amazing people along the way. Hurunnessa Fariad is one of them. She serves as the Outreach/Interfaith Coordinator at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center.