VFAI Vets Power the Polls

This election season, our nation faced a critical threat to the electoral infrastructure. With COVID-19 raving the country and impacting the pool of traditional poll workers combined with expected record voter turnout, states were anticipating a potentially catastrophic shortage of poll workers. Counties across the country were left scrambling to find volunteers to step up and step in to serve as election officials.

In partnership with “Power the Polls,” Veterans for American Ideals proudly joined this effort to mobilize over 900 volunteers to fill those critical roles.

Focusing on the large community of veterans and military families in four key states - Iowa, Georgia, Michigan, and Georgia - VFAI’s team was able to mobilize the veteran community to continue their service to America. With persistent follow-up, VFAI’s outreach team was able to not only ensure that veterans signed up to serve, but also that volunteers were appropriately trained and utilized during the election season.

Featured in a number of national media markets such as Reuters, NPR, and Defense One complemented by placement in local media markets - VFAI continued its mission with impacts reaching beyond election day.

The election team continued their commitment to free, fair, and transparent elections by training and empowering those in the VFAI network to spot and report any election day issues. Monitoring various polling places throughout the country, VFAI is proud to relay not a single major incident was reported to the VFAI or Human Rights First team - highlighting the effectiveness of preparation and planning as well as the peaceful and secure voting process that this nation continues to enjoy.

The team at VFAI and HRF continues to take pride in the work we do to uphold the ideals enshrined in the Constitutions and defended by our servicewomen and men, continuing to embody the ideal that service doesn’t stop.

*For more questions related to VFAI or to Vets Power the Polls, please reach out to Chris Purdy at [email protected] 

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