Veterans for American Ideals Marks World Refugee Day

Washington, D.C.— In honor of World Refugee Day, Veterans for American Ideals’ Bishop Garrison issued the following statement:

Today is a day on which we acknowledge the strength, courage, and resilience of refugees. But at a time when over 70 million men, women, and children are displaced because of violence and persecution, we must do more than mark their bravery, we must offer our support.  

For many of us, we served this nation because of what America stands for, a beacon of hope, a land of freedom, and, poignantly, a refuge from war and tyranny.  

So, as we honor the brave displaced people who are without country, we veterans must take a stand against actions that would further compromise them. We must oppose using the military in support of harsh immigration policies. We must raise our collective voice against turning the border into a military operation. We must unequivocally say, that our armed forces must not be used to exacerbate such crises, but to offer humanitarian support in the name of ending them.

To speak with Garrison contact Christopher Plummer at [email protected].