News from the Week of March 25th

In Amman, Jordan, a group of men formed a support group to cope with trauma they experienced as refugees. They are fighting to come to terms with being unable to work and support their families, which makes them vulnerable.  

The Balkan country of Montenegro is willing to accept refugees but is more often just a stop along the journey to the north. However, for those who do choose to stay, the country is helping them find work. Cuban refugees Roberto and Silvio are successfully making a place for themselves working at a hotel in Perast, a small town off the Bay of Kotor.  

During World War II, a Hungarian Jewish mathematician living in New York realized that the Navy was armoring the wrong parts of its aircraft. Abraham Wald saved hundreds of American lives by recognizing the error, significantly contributing to winning the war. 

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Traci Huddleston was recently awarded the Coast Guard Medal following her actions during the Las Vegas shooting in October of 2017. Huddleston heroically guided others to safety and provided medical care for hours following the attack, even using her own body to shield a fourteen-year-old girl from gunfire during the attack.  

Army Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his incredible bravery in Iraq. Atkins, who threw himself at a suicide bomber and forced him to the ground, saved the lives of three of his fellow soldiers. The president presented the award to Atkins’ son, Travis Oliver.