News From the Week of July 24, 2017

Here's the latest round-up of what we've been reading and watching this week, from in the news and around the web:

1. In a Washington Post article about Pew Research Center’s new study on Muslim Americans, the study found that Muslims have been experiencing a higher rate of discrimination in the past year. In asking Muslims about discrimination, their identities, and their “American-ness,” the survey found that despite the current political climate, Muslims are proud to be American patriots that believe in the ideals and values of their country. 

2. As the court battles regarding the travel ban continue, here is a timeline detailing each step of the ongoing litigation. Although the case will be heard in the Supreme Court in October, the concern for our Iraqi wartime allies remains ever-present, as the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program is their only avenue to resettle in the United States. 

3. TRENDS magazine quoted veteran leaders Scott Cooper, Steve Miska, and Matt Zeller as they spoke about the Special Immigrant Visa program and the importance of protecting soft networks—our Iraqi and Afghan nonmilitary and indigenous wartime allies who support the U.S. mission in their respective countries. 

4. Fox News shared a heroic story of Fraidoon “Fred” Akhtari, an Afghan Special Immigrant Visa recipient who just arrived to the United States after serving with U.S. forces for over 10 years. Veterans continue the advocate for their fellow interpreters and translators, and Fred was welcomed to Dulles International Airport by 25 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard who he served with in Afghanistan.