News From the Week of August 7, 2017

Here's the latest round-up of what we've been reading and watching this week, from in the news and around the web:

In a Reuters video highlighting the restaurant Falafel Inc., we learn about how its owners and employees are dedicated to helping refugees. For every ten dollars they put in the register, they feed one refugee. It’s an effort that VFAI applauds. One customer says they eat at the restaurant because it combines great food with a great cause: “I try to find things that benefit a greater good, and it happens to coincide with something else that I like to do – which is eat.”

VFAI member and Marine Corps veteran Amy McGrath is running for Congress. She believes that having veterans in the Legislative branch is important. Recently, her campaign video went viral.

There are nearly 119,000 refugees in the United Kingdom, and businesses and social enterprises like Chaigaram are offering refugees a lifeline through opportunities for success. Many of the business leaders involved in the program know the refugees’ struggle, because they themselves were immigrants. Now they have a chance to pay it forward.

In some incredible reporting from Afghanistan, Marine Corps veteran and freelance photojournalist Chris Jones shares what Afghan refugees really think about U.S. forces. Disheartened by continued instability in their province, one Afghan states that they believe “it’s easy for Americans to bring peace, but you can’t bring peace through war.”