News from the Week of April 11th 2016

Our weekly round-up what we’ve been reading and watching, from in the news and around the web:

We were wowed by this piece from combat veteran Chase Millsap on the fight to gain refugee status for the Iraqi soldier who saved his life. Millsap beautifully articulates what we hear from many veterans about the terps and translators they worked so closely with: "He is a member of my family... His struggle is my struggle."

Also speaking out on behalf of refugees this week, global celebrity and musician Bonoand U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon encouraged us to think bigger about the root causes of the refugee crisis and how to respond, and to see the value in accepting refugees. In Huffington Post, David Bier busted harmful myths about refugees, highlighting their love for America’s liberty and their desire to live in freedom.

This week featured a number of stories of U.S. communities helping refugees—from a nonprofit that uses soccer to help refugee children acclimate, to WWII survivors writing letters to inspire and comfort Syrian refugees, to the Jewish community in Albany, NY welcoming Muslim refugees from Afghanistan. And PBS highlighted how refugees are reviving the economy of Utica, New York, a long-struggling rust-belt town.

In news of the crisis itself, peace talks resumed, but with little hope of progress. ISIS overran internally displaced person (IDP) camps in northern Syria, sending a new wave of refugees toward Turkey. And the U.S. began its surge program to more quickly resettle refugees.

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