A Letter to the VFAI Community


Dear friends and fellow veterans,

In only a few years, Veterans For American Ideals has established itself as an effective and influential organization in both Washington DC and communities across the country. Its brief but rich history reflects its commitment to service and selflessness, and to our belief that the United States should lead with its values both home and abroad.

While VFAI is a work in progress, we strive every day to see our communities and the world around us inch closer to true equality, prosperity, and safety for all. We advocate for principle-based policies to support marginalized communities and to amplify the voices of those who would otherwise often go unheard. We fight so that refugees and asylum seekers may know a better life, and we press our government to provide protection to Afghans and Iraqis whose association with the U.S. government has placed them in danger. We battle Islamophobia and ignorance so that our citizens, and the world, may remember that the United States remains a leader in the ethical and humane treatment of all people. 

But our work has just begun, and there is so much more for us to do. 

We will continue to fight to protect those seeking safe refuge within our borders. We will advocate for continued strength within our longstanding international alliances as well as investment in foreign aid to alleviate the problems that cause migration and humanitarian crises. We will fight for smart, nonpartisan policies and multilateral approaches designed to combat threats to global stability. And we will seek out opportunities with partner organizations in hopes of lifting new voices so that our work reflects the totality of the American citizenry. 

VFAI has built a tremendous foundation of service and advocacy. As we continue to focus on what we’ve done well, we will look for opportunities to enhance our work. Together, we will figure out how we can best continue to support the efforts of Human Rights First, while building on the proud traditions this program has already established. 

Thank you for work, dedication, and support. Together, we will continue serving our American community proudly.